Conservative Results


Passed Positive Legislation for Texas

Budget and Tax Cuts

Passed a fiscally responsible budget that shrunk the per capita real size of government, kept the rainy day fund intact, increased border security funding to unprecedented levels and increased public education funding by $1.5 billion over enrollment growth. (HB1)

Cut property taxes by raising the Homestead Exemption for school taxes from $15,000 to $25,000. Co-sponsor, passed into law. (SB 1)

Fought to repeal the franchise tax. Joint author. (HB 321)

Fought to end corporate welfare in Texas. (HB 1 amendments)

Immigration/Border Security

Increased Texas DPS troops on the border. Co-author, passed into law. (HB 11)

Required state agencies to participate in the federal electronic verification of employment authorization program, or E-verify. Co-author, senate companion passed into law. (HB 183/SB 374)

Fought to revoke public benefits and services from illegal immigrants. Co-author. (HB306)


Fought to repeal Robin Hood school finance system and restore local tax dollars to our public school districts. Author. (HB 945 / HB 1411)

Fought for school choice. Co-author. (HB 1043)

Fully funded our Teachers Retirement System health care fund. Passed into law. (HB2)

Fought to eliminate the bilingual education mandate on our public schools. Author. (HB 3848)


Strengthened the legal barriers prohibiting minors from obtaining an abortion without the consent of their parents. Participated in stakeholder meetings, passed into law. (HB 3994)

Prohibited physicians, without the consent of the patient or family member, from withholding food or water from a patient undergoing life sustaining treatment. Co-author, passed into law. (HB 3074)

Second Amendment

Expand Second Amendment rights to college campuses. Co-author, senate companion passed into law. (HB 937/SB 11)

Amended Open Carry law to prevent police officers from detaining gun owners solely for open carrying. Authored amendment, passed the House and Senate. (HB 910)

Personal Liberty and Limited Government

Passed the “Pastor Protection Act,” protecting pastors from being forced to provide same-sex weddings against their religious objections. Co-author, senate companion passed into law. (HB 3567/SB 2065)

Allowed patients with terminal illnesses to access certain investigational drugs, biological products, and devices that are in clinical trials. Co-author, passed into law. (HB 21)

Protected franchisors from frivolous lawsuits. Joint sponsor, passed into law. (SB 652)

Protected state oil and gas operations from excessive regulation. Co-author, passed into law. (HB 40)

Fought to ban red light cameras in Texas. Co-author. (HB 142)

Deregulated the barber school industry. Author, passed House as amendment. (HB 4081/HB 4069)

Government Transparency and Operation

Amended House rules to ensure agency and department heads have a duty to serve the best interests of the people of Texas and not the best interests of the government agency. Amendment author, passed the House. (HR 4)

Required that local governments and school districts make recordings of their meetings available on the Internet. Joint author, passed into law. (HB 283)

Fought to prioritize construction of freeways over toll roads. (HB 20 amendment)

Removed the Public Integrity Unit from the control of the Travis County DA. Co-author, passed into law. (HB 1690)

Protected suppliers of drugs being used in public executions. Joint sponsor, passed into law. (SB 1697)

Doubled the death benefit paid to the survivors of law enforcement officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. Co-author, passed into law. (HB 1278)

Allowed the Texas Purple Heart Medal to be awarded to members of the armed forces wounded or killed at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009. Co-author, passed into law. (HB 115)


Killed Bad Legislation

Worked to eliminate non-essential spending items in the Texas budget. (HB 1)

Led effort to defeat a $15,000/month insurance mandate on bars and restaurants. Bill failed to pass. (HB 409)

Worked to kill bill which would grant state arrest powers to Federal Reserve Bank security personnel. Bill was ultimately withdrawn. (HB 2346)

Led effort to defeat a bill allowing the government to raid dealers of precious metals and inspect records without a warrant. Bill failed to pass. (SB 957)

Led efforts to eliminate an unfunded mandates on our local school districts, forcing author to eliminate or fund mandates. Amended bills passed into law. (SB 507/SB 968)

Worked to defeat onerous license requirements for health care workers and interpreters for the deaf. Bills failed to pass. (HB 2267 / HB 1069)

Successfully defeated Lilly Ledbetter Act, which would have made it easier to bring frivolous lawsuits against employers and small businesses. Bill failed to pass. (HB 187)

Led effort to defeat legislation which would have the effect of increasing small business exposure to trademark lawsuits. Failed to pass. (HB 2753)

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