Ban Sanctuary Cities in Texas
November 04, 2015


Last week, Governor Greg Abbott sent a letter to Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez proclaiming that Sanctuary City policies “will no longer be tolerated in Texas.”  I support Gov. Abbott in this endeavor and look forward to working with him to end Sanctuary Cities in Texas and ensure our immigration laws are enforced.

I was given the opportunity last week to speak with FOX4 News regarding the Governor’s pronouncement (see video
).  I reiterated that Texas must prohibit any policy or action that promotes sanctuary to people in this state illegally.  Sanctuary City policies thwart the rule of law, endanger local communities, and impose significant costs on taxpayers. That is why I supported and continue to support legislation which bans Sanctuary Cities in Texas.

With my support last session, we passed unprecedented legislation strengthening border security.  But we still have a long way to go to secure our border and fight illegal immigration in Texas.  Banning Sanctuary Cities is just the first step. I applaud Governor Abbott for his leadership on this critically-important issue.

For Liberty,

Matt Rinaldi

P.S. – Please contribute to my campaign today so I can keep fighting for our district on these important issues.

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