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Matt Rinaldi has received the endorsement of these conservative leaders and statewide organizations.

“Matt Rinaldi is an uncompromising conservative. We are in dire need of bold, courageous leaders who will fight to preserve our pro-life, pro-family, and pro-liberty constitutional values of limited government. If you want a principled conservative fighter who understands the Constitution representing District 115, Matt Rinaldi is the guy to send to Austin.”
David Barton, WallBuilders* Founder and former Republican Party of Texas Vice-Chair

“Texas Right to Life looks forward to working with Matt as a strong Pro-Life legislator who will speak for the voiceless.  We are proud to endorse his campaign for State House, and we are confident that Matt will represent the Pro-Life views of the citizens of District 115, which are the views of the majority of Texans.”
Dr. Joseph Graham, President, Texas Right to Life

“Matt Rinaldi is a strong conservative who has developed an outstanding reputation as a citizen-leader throughout the Metroplex. Matt Rinaldi will fight for the values that Texas families hold most dear. He will be a legislator who can be counted on to oppose new taxes, fight for a stronger Texas economy, and limit government spending.”– Michael Quinn Sullivan, President, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

“I support Matt Rinaldi because he is a strong conservative who will be an avid fighter against ObamaCare expansion in Texas.  If we are going to stop the implementation of ObamaCare, we need more leaders like him in Austin.”-Lawrence Jones, Project Veritas

Matt Rinaldi [is] a constitutionalist with a practical side, and a powerhouse of conservative intellect. One of the two from 2010 we pegged as having great leadership potential. . . . There is no clearer distinction between candidates in the whole North Dallas area. This is the race for conservatives of ALL stripes to put their largest effort in to clean up Austin.”– North Texas Tea Party

“Matt Rinaldi is the clear conservative choice for State Representative.  I trust Matt to tackle the tough issues, address pro-life and pro-family legislation, and give Texas law enforcement the tools they need to fight illegal immigration.”
Tim O’Hare, Former Mayor of Farmers Branch

“Matt Rinaldi has a keen understanding of our conservative ideals and we can trust him to do a tremendous job defending them in Austin. Matt will be a wise and bold spokesman for our conservative principles. It is a tremendous joy to support Matt Rinaldi for State Representative and to ask my friends to vote for him.” – Cathie Adams, Fmr. Chairman Republican Party of Texas

“I’m supporting Matt Rinaldi because there is a clear difference between rhetoric and record. Matt will bring a conservative voice to Austin, and we can trust him to vote on principle.” – Joyce Luster, Farmers Branch Tea Party Coordinator

 “Matt has been fighting for our shared conservative values since day one. I’m proud to support him, and look forward to seeing him advocate for smaller government and fiscal responsibility in Austin.” – Steven Jones, Irving ISD School Board Trustee

 “Matt is a tenacious conservative who does not compromise his values. I am proud to support a man of such great character.” – Chad Averett, Carrollton, Precinct Chair

Conservative Organizations
National Association for Gun Rights
National Rifle Association, Political Victory Fund
Texans for Fiscal Responsibility
Texas Home School Coalition
Texas Right to Life
Texas State Rifle Association
Texas Values
Young Conservatives of Texas

State Legislators
Rep. Charles “Doc” Anderson
Rep. Rodney Anderson
Rep. Cecil Bell
Rep. Kyle Biedermann
Rep. Dwayne Bohac
Rep. DeWayne Burns
Rep. Dustin Burrows
Rep. Angie Chen Button
Rep. Briscoe Cain
Rep. John Cyrier
Rep. Gary Elkins
Rep. Pat Fallon
Rep. James Frank
Rep. Craig Goldman
Rep. Cole Hefner
Rep. Justin Holland
Rep. Mark Keough
Rep. Phil King
Rep. Stephanie Klick
Rep. Linda Koop
Rep. Matt Krause
Rep. Brooks Landgraf
Rep. Mike Lang
Rep. Jodie Laubenberg
Rep. Jeff Leach
Rep. Morgan Meyer
Rep. Jim Murphy
Rep. Andrew Murr
Rep. Tom Oliverson
Rep. Tan Parker
Rep. Dennis Paul
Rep. Scott Sanford
Rep. Matt Schaefer
Rep. Mike Schofield
Rep. Leighton Schubert
Rep. Matt Shaheen
Rep. Ron Simmons
Rep. John Smithee
Rep. Phil Stephenson
Rep. Jonathan Stickland
Rep. Valoree Swanson
Rep. Ed Thompson
Rep. Tony Tinderholt
Rep. James White
Rep. Bill Zedler
Fmr. Rep. Stefani Carter
Fmr. Rep. Carolyn Galloway
Fmr. Rep. Stuart Spitzer
Fmr. Rep. Scott Turner
Fmr. Rep. Molly White

Local Leaders
Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne
Irving Councilman & Deputy Mayor Pro Tempore Brad LaMorgese
Irving Councilman Oscar Ward
Carrollton Councilman & Mayor Pro Tempore Anthony Wilder
Farmers Branch Councilman & Deputy Mayor Pro Tempore Harold Froehlich
Farmers Branch Councilman John Norwood
Farmers Branch Councilman Mike Bomgardner
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD Trustee Randy Schackmann
Irving ISD President Randy Randle
Irving ISD Vice President Steven Jones
Irving ISD Trustee Larry Stipes
Fmr. Carrollton Mayor Ron Branson
Fmr. Carrollton City Councilman Terry Simons
Fmr. Carrollton City Councilwoman Lisa Sutter
Fmr. Carrollton City Councilman Charles W. Thrasher
Fmr. Farmers Branch Mayor Bill Glancy
Fmr. Farmers Branch Mayor Tim O’Hare
Fmr. Farmers Branch City Councilwoman Michelle Holmes
Fmr. Farmers Branch City Councilman David Koch
Fmr. Irving Mayor Marvin Randle
Fmr. Irving City Councilwoman Joyce Pittman
Fmr. Irving City Councilman Tom Spink

Other State Leaders
Ken Mercer, State Board of Education
Tincy Miller, State Board of Education
Don McElroy, Fmr. Chairman State Board of Education
Cynthia Dunbar, Fmr. State Board of Education
Charlie Garza, Fmr. State Board of Education
Tom Pauken, Fmr. Texas Workforce Commissioner

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