Before I ask for your vote, you deserve to know where I stand on key issues…

At my very core, I believe government is too big, spends too much, and over-regulates those who create jobs and fuel our economy. As State Representative I have been a principled conservative with clear, consistent, positions on reducing the size and scope of government, lowering property taxes, protecting the sanctity of life, securing our borders, promoting excellence in education, and preserving our Second Amendment freedoms.

My Platform:
Fiscal Responsibility & Government Restraint
Stop Skyrocketing Property Taxes
End Robin Hood and Promote Excellence in Education
Secure Our Border and Stop Illegal Immigration
Pro-life, pro-family
Defend Second Amendment rights


Fiscal Responsibility & Government Restraint
Texas has seen unprecedented economic growth over the last ten years because it has created an environment where entrepreneurs, business owners, and citizens are free to chase their dreams and thrive free of unnecessary government interference.  The greatest threat to our continued economic growth and prosperity is the weight of government on the economy. Government should avoid policies that increase taxes, grow government and impose undue burdens on the private sector.

Since I took office in 2015, the Legislature has delivered the largest tax relief package in nearly a decade – more than $4 billion and has passed two consecutive budgets that have reduced the real size of state government. We should continue to keep government growth in check by opposing all new taxes and limiting future spending increases to the increase in inflation plus population growth.

Stop Skyrocketing Property Taxes
Texas is consistently ranked near the top of the list of states with the highest property taxes. In recent years, increasing home values have led to skyrocketing property tax bills and many local taxing entities have refused to lower rates to relieve homeowners of this crushing economic burden.

The Legislature should limit increases in property taxes to 2.5% per year, unless local entities receive taxpayer approval, and continue working to buy down the maintenance and operations portion of school district property taxes with state funds. The Legislature should also continue to pass pro-taxpayer reforms, including greater protections from local tax increases, appraisal reform, and increased transparency.

End Robin Hood & Promote Excellence in Education
The “Robin Hood” school finance system is the number one problem in Texas public education and must be abolished, returning local tax dollars to our local schools.  In addition, school funding must be systematically reformed, with an emphasis on driving dollars to the classroom.  We must also eliminate costly mandates, thereby freeing up more resources for our teachers and students, eliminate high-stakes testing, and return local control to promote greater efficiency in our public schools.

Secure Our Border & Stop Illegal Immigration
As the son of an Italian immigrant who came to America legally, I know first-hand the benefits that legal immigration brings to our society. Illegal immigration, on the other hand, undermines the rule of law, threatens to overwhelm our social services, and is unfair to those who follow the rules and apply for citizenship legally.

It is the duty of our state to encourage legal immigration, while protecting itself from the financial and human cost of unchecked illegal immigration where our federal government has failed. We have made great strides during my two terms in office. The ban on “sanctuary cities” passed in 2017 will prohibit local law enforcement from releasing criminal aliens onto our streets and require local officials to cooperate with federal immigration officials. In addition, legislation passed during my tenure requiring state agencies and contractors to participate in E-Verify will ensure state money goes only to those eligible to work in the United States. In future sessions, we should work to end government benefits for illegal immigrants to ensure government resources are preserved for those here legally.

Prioritize Pro-Life & Pro-Family Legislation
I believe that life begins at conception and pledge to support any legislation that has the effect of restricting abortion or extending full legal protection to the unborn.  As the Texas Right to Life “Pro-Life Whip” in the Texas House, I have spearheaded many pro-life reforms which have been passed into law, including ensuring no taxpayer money goes to fund abortions and banning the brutal practice of dismemberment abortion.

Defend Second Amendment Rights
I believe our God-given Second Amendment right to bear arms cannot be infringed.  I will oppose any further regulation of firearm ownership by law-abiding individuals and seek to repeal existing laws which infringe on Texans’ Second Amendment rights.



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