Letter: We Need to Talk About the Speaker
August 03, 2017

The grassroots and Republicans in the Texas House are incredibly frustrated with the control exhorted by Democrats over the flow of legislation in the chamber. Though many of them have continued to criticize in closed door meetings, I, along with several of my colleagues, have decided that it’s time to call a meeting and discuss how the next legislature will pick it’s Speaker. I was honored to join 13 of my Republican colleagues in signing this letter. You sent me here to lead, and I promise to do just that.

The Republican Caucus must have a larger say and I hope to discuss this once Tan Parker, our Caucus Chairman calls the meeting. You can see the letter here and read the text below.

– Matt

To: Representative Tan Parker
Chairman, Texas House Republican Caucus

Re: Process Needed by Which Republican Caucus Chooses Nominee for Speaker;
Call for a Caucus Meeting to Discuss and/or Adopt Procedure for Nominee Selection

Chairman Parker,

A Republican Speaker of the House should first win the confidence of a majority of his or her fellow Republicans. To do so, Republicans should determine their candidate for Speaker in a called meeting of the House Republican Caucus before the 86th Legislature convenes in 2019. Such a meeting is called for in the Republican Party Platform.

Before we select a person, we need to select a procedure.

In order for Republicans to choose their nominee for Speaker, we need a procedure in place to guide that process. However, no procedure for selecting our Speaker nominee with proper order has been adopted by the Republican Caucus. Such a procedure is critical to successfully choosing a nominee, and must be put in place well in advance of a meeting where nominees are considered.

Therefore, we respectfully call upon you to schedule a meeting of the House Republican Caucus for the sole purpose of discussing and/or adopting a procedure to determine our nominee for Speaker of the House.
Since members are in Austin for the Special Session, we believe holding a meeting before the end of the session on August 16th would ensure maximum participation.

Pursuant to Article VI, Section 6.03 to the House Republican Caucus bylaws, we the undersigned respectfully request that you call a meeting of the House Republican Caucus for the purpose of discussion and/or adopting a procedure to determine our nominee for Speaker.

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