Matt Rinaldi Re-Election Receives Strong Support from Metrocrest City Officials
September 04, 2018

Matt Rinaldi Re-Election Receives Strong Support from Metrocrest City Officials
Dallas-area Rep. Receives Endorsements from Carrollton & Farmers Branch Councilmembers

(Irving, TX)– Rep. Matt Rinaldi (R-Irving) today announced strong support from current and former city officials of the City of Carrollton and City of Farmers Branch, who have endorsed him for re-election. “Matt Rinaldi has been a principled, effective leader for Farmers Branch and our district,” said Farmers Branch Councilman Terry Lynne. “He didn’t just ‘go along to get along.’ He fought for stronger schools, lower taxes, and smaller government and achieved results, just like he promised.”

Rinaldi, currently seeking his third term, was first elected in 2014 with wide support from the grassroots, despite being outspent nearly seven to one in the GOP primary, and was re-elected in 2016. Rinaldi’s accomplishments include passing a measure, signed into law by Gov. Abbott, that is the strongest of its kind in the country, providing for the removal of local officials adopting sanctuary city policies and a budget amendment prohibiting taxpayer funding of abortion providers and their affiliates. The general election will be on November 6, 2018.

Current & Former Metrocrest Elected Officials Endorsing Rinaldi’s Campaign:

  • Carrollton Mayor Pro Tem John Sutter
  • Carrollton City Councilman Glen Blanscet
  • Carrollton City Councilman Mike Hennefer
  • Farmers Branch Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Mike Bomgardner
  • Farmers Branch Councilman Bronson Blackson
  • Farmers Branch Councilman Terry Lynne
  • Fmr. Carrollton City Councilman Anthony Wilder
  • Fmr. Carrollton City Councilman Terry Simons
  • Fmr. Carrollton City Councilwoman Lisa Sutter
  • Fmr. Farmers Branch Mayor Bill Glancy
  • Fmr. Farmers Branch Mayor Tim O’Hare
  • Fmr. Farmers Branch City Councilman Harold Froehlich
  • Fmr. Farmers Branch City Councilwoman Michelle Holmes
  • Fmr. Farmers Branch City Councilman David Koch

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