October 02, 2015

Irving, TX— Friday, State Rep. Matt Rinaldi responded to the announcement that Bennett Ratliff had received the endorsement of Becky Miller, an LGBT activist and former mayor who was widely criticized by Republicans in Dallas County for her public campaign against traditional family values.  Her actions were one of the contributors to her mayoral loss in 2008.  Ms. Miller’s endorsement of Ratliff emphasized her support of Ratliff’s “values.”

Rinaldi responded to the endorsement saying, “When Ratliff was in the House, he made clear he was no conservative. When he touts the support of an LGBT activist to highlight ‘conservative values’, he makes clear he does not even know the meaning of the word. Why would you highlight an endorsement of such an outspoken opponent of everything the Republican party believes about traditional family values?”

Rinaldi, who was ranked the most conservative member of the legislature by Rice University, is a staunch supporter of traditional marriage who co-sponsored the Pastor Protection Act signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott.  He also co-authored a bill that would have forbidden state or local governments from using public funds to issue same-sex marriage licenses.  He was named a “Faith and Family Champion” by Texas Values Action for his efforts to preserve faith, family, and freedom in Texas.

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