Results Are In!
August 05, 2015


As the dust settles from the 84th Legislative Session, the pundits and Austin insiders will have their say, but so will the conservative grassroots. In 2014, you trusted me with your vote when I promised to deliver the conservative leadership District 115 needed. The results are in, and groups varying from Texas Eagle Forum, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility, to Professor Mark Jones’ non-partisan Rice University Study all show my voting record to be the #1 most conservative in the Texas House!

Thank you for trusting me to represent you and stand on principle in Austin. Voters demand Texas takes action on securing the border, providing tax relief, protecting the right to life, and cleaning up corruption. This Session, we delivered, and now I need your help!

District 115 isn’t for sale, and I won’t bow to pressure from Democrats or establishment Republicans in Austin to compromise principle for a special interest agenda. But that means our resources must come from the conservative grassroots at home, not Austin lobbyists. Will you commit to standing for conservative values by making a small donation today?

The fight continues. I’ll see you out on the campaign trail.

For Liberty,

Matt Rinaldi

PS: Our grassroots campaign is relying on you! Make a donation today to tell the Austin establishment District 115 is not for sale!

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