Rinaldi Named Top Pro-Life Freshman
October 05, 2015


Of all the issues that face Texas, none is more important to me than protecting life. Last Friday, at the 18th Annual Celebration of Life, I received the “House Pro-Life Freshman of the 84th Session” award from Texas Right to Life, the oldest and largest statewide pro-life organization in Texas. Here’s what they had to say:

“Rep. Matt Rinaldi from Irving co-authored all of Texas Right to Life’s priority bills, scored a perfect voting record, and authored five Pro-Life amendments in the House. … He worked on the funding for alternatives to abortion and the judicial bypass reform bill and was constantly negotiating new Pro-Life policies into rules and laws. A frighteningly gifted orator and agile antagonist, Rep. Rinaldi lived up to his campaign promise to defend the preborn, pregnant women, and vulnerable patients.”

Because my dedication to the Pro-Life movement is more than a mere check mark on a campaign flyer, Austin insiders are already working to defeat me in the next Republican primary election. With your prayers and support, we will win reelection and continue to advance the pro-life cause at every opportunity.

Texas has made significant steps to protect life in this state.  However, there is more work to do.  I thank Texas Right to Life for this honor and look forward to continuing the important work of advancing Pro-Life reforms next legislative session.

For Liberty,

Matt Rinaldi

PS: Our grassroots campaign is relying on you! Please make a donation today to helpour reelection campaign so we can continue to fight for life in the Texas legislature!

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