October 12, 2015

Irving, TX— State Rep. Matt Rinaldi today announced a number of local mayoral, city council, and school board endorsements for his bid for re-election, including the backing of an overwhelming majority conservative local officeholders in District 115.  “I’m thrilled to have support from so many local officials in our community,” Rep. Rinaldi stated.  “I look forward to continuing to work with them next legislative session.”  The list includes:

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne
Irving Councilman & Deputy Mayor Pro Tempore Brad LaMorgese
Irving Councilman Oscar Ward
Carrollton Councilman & Mayor Pro Tempore Anthony Wilder
Farmers Branch Councilman & Deputy Mayor Pro Tempore Harold Froehlich
Farmers Branch Councilman John Norwood
Farmers Branch Councilman Mike Bomgardner
Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD Trustee Randy Schackmann
Irving ISD President Randy Randle
Irving ISD Vice President Steven Jones
Irving ISD Trustee Larry Stipes

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne said of Rinaldi, “Rep. Rinaldi has been an effective and powerful voice in our state legislature. I’m proud to endorse such a proven advocate for the district.”  “Rep. Rinaldi has been a strong, effective conservative leader for House District 115,” said Farmers Branch Councilman Mike Bomgartner.  “As our representative, he didn’t just ‘go along to get along.’ He fought for and achieved conservative results just like he promised.”

“Rep. Rinaldi was not only a strong conservative voice in the legislature, he was also an effective advocate for our schools,” stated CFB ISD Trustee Randy Schackmann. “When I requested he support allowing trustees to limit their terms, he authored the bill.  When our district leadership was strongly opposed to a bill that would reduce local control of our schools, he stood with us.  Time and time again, Matt made clear our students and parents were a priority.”

Schackmann was referring to a bill which Rinaldi joined CFB ISD district leadership in opposing in the House before Senate amendments addressed Rinaldi’s concerns. The improved version of the bill was passed with Rinaldi’s support and signed by Gov. Abbott. Rinaldi’s primary challenger, liberal former-Rep. Bennett Ratliff, attacked Rinaldi last week for his opposition to the bill.

“That my opponent would attack me for standing with CFB ISD district leadership in opposing a bill that reduces local control of schools shows just how out of touch he is with the needs of our parents and students.”  During Ratliff’s short tenure as State Representative, Governor Perry vetoed every education bill authored by Ratliff that reached his desk.

Rinaldi is a strong advocate for limited government, pro-liberty and free market policies, secure borders, education, Second Amendment rights, and the protection of life.  A 2015 Rice University study of over 1,000 record votes ranked him as the #1 most conservative legislator in the 150-member Texas House.  He also was also the highest-ranked legislator in 2015 by several statewide conservative groups, including Texas Eagle Forum and Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.  For his work in defending life, he received the “Pro-Life Freshman of the 84th Session” award by Texas Right to Life.

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