Thank You!
March 04, 2016


The election results are in and we won the Republican primary by 1,134 votes.

I want to say thank you to all the volunteers who stood at polls and knocked on doors day after day, to my family who stuck with me through it all and were the foundation of support for our race and to all of you who voted and donated time and money to our race. We wouldn’t be celebrating without you.

Though we were outspent and faced formidable opposition, we prevailed, proving that, above all, principles matter. In my second term, I will continue to be a principled conservative fighter for the district, taking on not only Democrats, but also Republicans who stray from our core values.

Thank you again and I encourage each of you to stay engaged with state and local elections. You can always contact me and I will make sure to keep you updated as we move forward in the days and weeks ahead.

For Liberty,

Matt Rinaldi


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