‘Tis the Season…for False Attacks?
December 18, 2015


Here in Northwest Dallas County, there are several signs that Christmas is near. The Christmas trees are up, the stockings are hung by the chimney, and the first Bennett Ratliff smear ad has hit the mailboxes. Though the latest attack was not nearly as slanderous as Ratliff’s paid political ad last election falsely labeling me a Red Sox fan, I still want you to have the facts.

In his latest smear campaign, Bennett Ratliff actually attacks me for standing against the Austin establishment and with local school officials in opposing HB 1842, which would potentially impose draconian sanctions on local school districts and lessen local control. The ad also falsely states that Gov. Abbott signed the bill I opposed into law.  He did not.  After my opposition, the bill was amended to address my concerns and provide for increased local control. The amended version of the bill, supported by me, was signed by Gov. Abbott into law.

As CFB ISD Trustee Randy Schackmann explained:

“A recent piece of mail about our State Representative Matt Rinaldi was sent to patents of CFB ISD discussing Matt’s opposition to the initial version of HB 1842.  As a CFB ISD parent, I want you to know the facts. The original version of HB1842 was opposed by our district.  As drafted, it imposed severe sanctions on some school districts and lessened local control. After CFB ISD officials discussed this with Matt, he agreed with us and stood with our district to oppose the original bill. When the bill was amended to provide for additional local control, Matt supported it—the bill that was signed by Gov. Abbott. I know you, like me, are glad we have a Representative who listens and stands with us.  Thanks Rep. Rinaldi for standing up for our schools and our community.”

Some citizens in Irving has received another baseless attack regarding my support for the conservative budget passed by the Texas House that grew spending by less than inflation plus population growth and was supported by 97 of 98 Republicans. In contrast, when Bennett Ratliff was in the House, he supported a budget opposed by House conservatives that increased spending by 25%.  It doesn’t look like I will have the time to answer every false attack of my opponent, but rest assured, we will continue to take our conservative message to the voters.

I will always stand up for fiscal restraint and local control of our public schools, and will have the backbone to stand alone when necessary.

God bless you all and please have a Merry Christmas.

Matt Rinaldi

P.S. Share our conservative record with your friends before the end of the year.

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